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11/28/1757 William Blake was born in London. His father was James Blake.

1767 Sent to Henry Par`s drawing school in the Strand.

1772 Became an apprentice of Basire the engraver.

1778 Became a professional engraver.

1778 Met his future wife, Catherine Boucher.

08/18/1782 Married Catherine Boucher, who was the daughter of a Battersea market-gardener, on August 18, 1782.

1783 Published his first volume of poetry, Poetical Sketches

1788 Began to experiment with a method of printing from etched copper plates.

01/01/1788 Published All Religions are One

1788 Published There is No Natural Religion

Approx 1789 Published Songs of Innocence

1789 Published The Book of Thel (1789-1790)

1790 Published The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

1793 Published For Children: The Gates of Paradise

1793 Published Visions of the Daughters of Albion

1793 Published America a Prophecy

1794 Published Songs of Innocence and of Experience

1794 Published Europe: a Prophecy

1794 Published The [First] Book of Urizen

1795 Published The Song of Los

1795 Published The Book of Los

Approx 1795 Published The Book of Ahania

Approx 1804 Published Milton a Poem (c. 1804-18)

Approx 1804 Published Jerusalem (c. 1804-20)

Approx 1820 Published For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise

Approx 1822 Published On Homers Poetry [and] On Virgil

1822 Published The Ghost of Abel

08/27/1827 Passed away on August 12, 1827.

1831 Blakes` wife, Catherine, passed away.

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